Since 2005, Carl Zeiss Vision develops the concept of luxury and modern optics, there are optical centers located in all corners of the world and reach the highest standards for precision, reliability and quality.

With i.Profiler ® plus specialists from ZEISS VISION CENTER create precise eye profile and individual optical map of each eye. The unit determines how your eyes react to light changing conditions and what are the real visual deficits, taking into account the fact that no eye is perfectly spherical and retina is not completely smooth.

Not only the assessment of vision it's been taken into account but the face shape, the eyes positioning and many other individual parameters that are the key of achieving the full visual comfort.

ZEISS precision lenses with i.Scription ® technology - just as unique as your eyes. Only when the optical lenses match the uniqueness of the man's eyes you can expect perfect vision. Using innovative i.Scription ® technology and a patented algorithm to calculate each recipe, Carl Zeiss Vision transforms the individual data of the human eye in high precision lenses.

ZEISS analysis - step by step to perfect vision:

  1. Individual vision requirements - personal visual situation, habits, needs and expectations of the new lenses are discussed with a personal ZEISS ophthalmologist.
  2. Precise measurements - accurate eye profile and individual optical cards are prepared with the help of i.Profiler ® device by ZEISS.
  3. Subjective test - using the automatic phoropter and i.Polatest ® by ZEISS different aspects of the vision have been tested and analyzed for: visual acuity, spatial perception and synchronous operation of both eyes.
  4. Accurate alignment - the contact lenses are positioned with an accuracy of - 1/10 of a millimeter, in order to fit exactly to the shape of the person's face using iTerminal ® by ZEISS. This process ensures the use of 100% of the characteristics of the ZEISS precision lenses.
  5. On the basis from the individual results of the analysis is given an individual recommendation for the most appropriate precision lenses ZEISS.


You will find ZEISS VISION CENTER at:

Sofia, Lege 1 Str.


Sofia, Paradise Center, Level +1


Sofia, Serdika Center, Level -1


Sofia, Ring Mall, Level 2


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