Corporate Clients Loyalty Program

New, higher discounts with your card “Corporate Clients”

  • 30 % discount on the price of all the goods and services which are not in promotion or discounted.
  • Additional 5 % discount on all the goods in promotion. The discount is calculated on the reduced price.


And that's not all!

Especially for your birthday! 35 % discount on non-discounted products and additional 10 % discount on all the goods in promotion. The reduction shall apply 3 days after your birthday. 

* For the brands Maybach and Cartier, the maximum discount is 30% and cannot be combined with other promotions and discounts.

The new terms of loyalty program "Corporate Clients" are effective from 01/12/2023.

If you need any further information or if you would like to join the Corporate Clients Program, please contact us at e-mail:


Good eyesight as a part of corporate culture

We will take care of your employees’ eye health


It is fashionable to be healthy, to be fit and to take good care of yourself, your family and your employees. Now the corporate culture of most foreign companies, as well as of more and more Bulgarian companies, includes also various healthcare packages in order to keep employees healthy, and hence to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Every day, office workers spend many hours in front of computer screens, therefore their good eyesight becomes an issues of primary importance to their employers.   

We, the employees of Grand Optics, Joy Optics & ZEISS VISION CENTER have proven to be reliable partners of many companies thanks to our corporate client program. The program is intended for companies and state institutions and offers special purchase conditions and preferential prices. You can also join the over 100 thousand employees of various companies and their families who have already benefited from the conditions in the program.

If your organization pays fully or partially the price of your employees’ dioptric glasses, we can offer you a price list designed especially for you in order to meet your individual requirements.

What makes us a preferable partner?

  • We are close to you – we have an optical chain of over 50 stores located in the biggest Bulgarian cities.
  • We are mobile – we can come to you bringing along our mobile optical store.
  • Experienced professionals work for us – ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and sales assistants.
  • We are modern – we use state-of-the-art equipment and specialized refractive instruments.
  • We provide the shortest way of the international brands to you – we import 90 % of the products which our stores offer. Therefore, we provide low prices, high quality and prompt service.
  • We keep our promises - we give you high quality guarantee, wide range of products and flexible pricing policy.

What benefits will our employees get if they join the Corporative Clients Program?

Being our corporate client, you will get attractive discount percentages off the regular prices and some other benefits during sales and promotions.

How can we apply for Corporate Clients plastic cards?

You have to send a letter to,stating the number of cards you need, the exact delivery address, telephone number and contact person. No personal information about your employees is required.

Is the number of cards limited?  

Since your employees’ eye health is important for us, we suggest that you provide a card for every employee regardless of their position. When you appoint new employees, you may apply for new plastic cards.

When are the plastic cards expected to be delivered?

The cards will be delivered at the address which you have given within three business days as of the date of your application.

Is it possible to use a card repeatedly and what is the card validity?

The cards are valid for an unlimited period of time and the discounts can be used repeatedly by the employees and their families. 

What is the price of the Corporate Clients plastic cards?

The cards and the delivery are free for your company.

Do we have to sign any agreement?

It is advisable to sign a standard discount agreement, however it is not an indispensable condition in order to join the program.

Are there any conditions in order to join the Corporate Clients Program?

It will be required from the contact person to communicate to the employees the periodic information which is received at the contact person’s e-mail address.     


If you need any further information or if you would like to join the Corporate Clients Program, please contact us at e-mail:

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